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Wow, its already the end of the year I can’t believe I am almost a 7th grader things really went by fast. I really enjoyed 6th grade this year. I was really fun, we got to do a lot of fun events and trips I really think that middle school is like a dream come true i wonder if its going to be more fun than 6th grade next year. I am so excited!!!  

week 5 and 6 book club questions

  1. In the beginning Sophie was scared that the BFG was going to eat her but at the end they became best friends and Sophie became brave.
  2. My dream is to be taller and be better at basketball and enjoy my time and have fun in life.
  3. I think this book was a 3.5 out of 5 stars because the book was not as interesting than I thought but I did like Sophie being brave and being friends with the BFG.

weak 3 and 4 book club questions

  1. When Sophie finds out the BFG is actually nice and that he is going to protect her from the other giants.
  2. When the other giants question BFG for why he keeps on going to his cave and Sophie remains calm but is a little bit nervous.
  3. You should tell a adult of stand up for yourself and tell the bully to STOP!!!

week 2 book club questions

  1. Sophie thought that the giant took her to eat her but then the giant was nice and became friends with her.
  2. In 5th grade I barely knew Brett I never talked to him but at the 6th grade that all changed. The first day of 6th grade me and him talked alot and at first I was unsure about the friendship but then he and I talked and became best friends.
  3. Why do you think the giant chose her instead of other kids in the city?

week 1 book questions

  1. My  first impressions are it is pretty good I  watched the movie but it has more detail to it in the book. I feel amazed and good because It is a petty intresting book It is pretty fun to read. In the begining of the the girl is scared and I understand her I would be scared to  if there was a giant roaming around the city looking in your window.
  2. I have met the bfg and sophie.
  3. The bfg is a giant that roamed around the city checking kids in there windows. Sophie is the main character who lives in a orphanage and is picked up by the bfg.
  4. Why do you think the giant came to the city?


Hi I am Micah from 6th grade. POPCS carrollton TX. We have about 28 students in 6th grade our school is 41 years old. Yours is so much older! That is incredible. Our school population is 632 and the Texas population is 29 million. We have many malls and zoos our temprature goes down to 20 degrees and below and our high is 100 degrees. We have many state fairs one of them is 6 flags. Do you enjoy roller coasters or what other fun facts do you have for you city or state? We also have zoos do you enjoy zoos?


from: Micah

to: Stelliah

100wc19 basketball game


So one time when I   was in a basketball team and we started the season pretty rough our record was 1-9. we were really struggling but we still made it to the playoffs. So at the playoffs we won our first and second games we made it to the semi finals but we lost so we went to the 3rd place round. The game was tied 32-32 there was 9 seconds remaining we got the ball and scored real quickly 5.7 seconds remaining we were wining by a point they took the ball in and…. And the winner is... the dragons we won!!!! We were so happy.


what i like about 6th grade so far

i mean idk how time goes so fast i remember i was in pre k yesterday. Any way what i like about 6th grade so far is that we are independent in elementry

we always had to get in a line 2nd i like the  teachers they are so nice and classes are fun i really enjoy 6th grade and who knows tommorow i might be in high school but i feel like 6th grade is funnnnnnnn!!!